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Stephen J. Peak

U3 / 23 Tweed Street, Highett, Melbourne, Victoria, 3109
Phone: (+613) 9532 2498 
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"Law is a science where there is always a solution."
"Litigation - the process of suing someone for damages - is not easy normally. It is expensive and time consuming, and can be tiresome, but if you do nothing, as a famous colourful American Character once observed, you get nothing. If you do something, you might get something back………"

"I have often found the client who is prepared to go the distance, to go that extra yard, to keep fighting…….often gets a result that you can live with…"

"Litigation is like a game of football…..there are 2 sides and an Umpire. The side that scores the most goals (has the best evidence) generally wins…."

I have been practicing law for over 30 years and have provided quality legal services to a wide range of clients Australia wide, and overseas.
I have vast experience in the Victorian Court system, in particular, handling motor vehicle traffic matters in the Magistrates Court, along with all other statutory type offences involving the Police, Local Government and State Government. My skills also involve attending to FAMILY LAW MATTERS in both the FEDERAL MAGISTRATES COURT and the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

I have often been asked : " What do you do to relax after a hectic week performing your legal tasks ?" Answer : Use my legal skills to assist sportsmen and women as a SPORTS ADVISER and LAWYER, perform regularly on SEN1116 SPORTS RADIO, and assist SHERGAR THOROUGHBREDS as their BLOODSTOCK MANAGER. Added to that,
I support the RECLINK FOUNDATION, a charity organization with the aim of rebuilding lives through Sports and The Arts.

Stephen J. Peak & Co.
U3 / 23 Tweed Street, Highett, Melbourne, Victoria, 3109
Phone: (+613) 9532 2498
Mobile: 0408 176 720

Stephen J Peak Member of the Law Institute since 1981 and holds a practicing certificate 32123